Stitchbook Video Library

A video gallery of my completed Stitchbooks projects to inspire your next book.  All of these are made from blank Stitchbooks that are available in the shop. 

Starter Kit Example

This Is Your Life

An example of a photo Stitchbook made using the Stitchbook Starter Kit to celebrate my Nan's 90's birthday. Using photographs of her life and scraps of fabric to represent each era, this book celebrates her milestone memories in stitch. 

Family Tree Stitchbook

A keepsake album about my family created using the Linen and Wine Stitchbook.  I collected a range of old photographs from both sides of my family, scanned them to the computer and then printed them onto photo transfer paper. I then assembled the pages - a tree on the first few pages with further info and pictures on the later pages. 

Mini Self Portrait Album

This is a decorated version of my mini linen stitchbook to show you how much information can be crammed into such a tiny book! This is my life in passport photo pictures from childhood to age 25.  

These mini books are great as a first go at Stitchbooking as they can be completed quickly and with fabric scraps and embellishments you already have. 

Rainbow Stitchbook

This is a completed example of the Rainbow Stitchbook Kit. 

Each of the coloured pages has been decorated with matching coloured scraps of fabric, buttons and ribbon, to create a rainbow of stitched pages. This is a great first sewing project for kids as the simple shapes can be sewn on with basic stitches. 

Wisley Gardens Journal

This is an art journal made using a blank Linen and Wine Stitchbook. Part of an ongoing project about gardens, this book is based on a day trip to RHS Wisley and created from photographs and memories of the day. 

Each of the pages shows a different part of the gardens and I tried to experiment with new techniques, including using Inktense Pencils to create watercolour effects. 

Weekly Journal 4

This is an example of one of my personal Stitchbook projects. This was a challenge to create one page every week about what I had been doing, as a record of my experiences and to enhance my skills.  It was an ongoing project for several years and this is the 4th volume. 

If you'd like to make your own, the pages in this book are the same size as the Large Linen and Large Cotton Stitchbooks. 

Summer of Sunshine

An example of a scrapbook style Stitchbook recording my life in Spring/Summer 2020. I have used a Cotton and Blueberry A5 Stitchbook and a number of the stitchbook supply packs, including Stencil #2, Summer Badge Set and You Are My Fave Patch Set.