Don't Have a Computer/Printer?

Many of the Stitchbook examples on this site are made using photo transfer paper, and for a lot of people being able to stitch in your photographs is one of the main attractions of the craft. But it can be difficult if you don't have the equipment or skills to print and transfer your own photos using the photo transfer paper. 

"But I don't have a computer/printer" is one of the most common things I hear when i'm talking to people at fairs and in the studio.  Perhaps you have a laser printer instead of an inkjet, or use a tablet or phone rather than a computer.  Maybe you don't have the computer skills to resize photographs or the time to work out how to use your ancient printer.   If any of these sound like you then I can help! 

I have now launched a transfer service that means I can print and transfer your digital photos and send them out to you ready to sew into your projects. 

How does it work?

You can order photos up to 21cm (8") on the longest edge via my shop. Each photo costs £1. 

I will print the  photos for you and transfer these to fabric, ready for you to stitch. 

The process is as follows: 

  1. You add the number of photos you want to your shopping cart (eg. 8) on the shop section of this website. You checkout, paying the total plus flat rate shipping charge (you can add other items to your order to save shipping costs). 
  2. You email me the same number of photographs (e.g  8) giving your name or transaction number as reference.  You will need to include details of what size you want each one printed - This should be the length of the LONGEST side of each photo. (E.g. 10cm )
  3. I print all of your photos and transfer them to fabric. 
  4. I mail the photos to you with any other ordered items and some instructions about how to sew in and care for your photos. 

Order your photos now!


I don't have digital photos, only original ones. Can you scan them in for me?

Unfortunately photos must be digital and emailed to me. I cannot scan in photos for you. However there is likely a local service that can help you with this - printers,  copy shops and even libraries often have scanning facilites.

Can you print A4 size?

No. The largest size you can go to is 21cm x 21cm.  This is to keep production manageable and costs low. 

Where do I need to email my photographs?

You should email your photographs to [email protected]I will send you an arrival reciept when I download them. 

What if they are not printed the correct size?

It is up to you to provide me with correct measurements for the final transfers. You need to tell me the measurement of the LONGEST side of the image (see diagram) and I will size the image accordingly to preserve the ratio.  I prefer to work in metric (cms/mms) but will except inches if necessary.  

If you recieve your photos and I have made an error in the sizing I will happily send you another batch. 


Have more questions? Let me know...

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