What is Stitchbooking?

An introduction to your new favourite craft

A Fusion of Scrapbooking and Textiles

Stitchbooking is a fusion of scrapbooking and textiles, using photographs to create fabric memory books.

Everyone has a story to tell; and whether it's your recent holiday, the life of a beloved family member or a collection of your favourite things, and creating a Stitchbook will preserve those memories in a tactile and enduring way.

Stitchbooking starts with a blank Stitchbook, which is a pre-made fabric book that you can sew into.

Each book is made with folding pages that allow you to take them out of the bindings to stitch. This means that all of your messy thread tails are hidden inbetween the pages. 

This is great because you can work on different pages at one time, use a sewing machine to decorate and (as the hard part has been done for you) you can concentrate on telling your story, 

Use personal photos to preserve treasured memories

We all have lovely photographs tucked away in our houses, in old photo albums, at the back of cupboards or stored away on never looked at computer files.  Stitchbooking utilises home printed photo transfers, allowing you to add those treasured pictures without harming the originals. Just print out your photographs onto a special transfer paper and iron onto fabric to transfer.

Tell your Story in Stitch

Text can be added to the pages to add detail and narrative in a number of ways. From methods involving high levels of skill, like complex embroidery, to simple techniques like using lettering stampers.

Anything Goes!

As well as adding photographs and text you can incorporate a huge range of textile crafts into your Stitchbooks, especially quilt making, applique, cross stitch and silk painting. Build on and utilise any existing textile skills you already have, to make your book unique.

There are no rules in Stitchbooking! Use the books however you would like and add whatever techniques you want to. They are the perfect tool for textile creativity and I hope they inspire you to explore and step out of your crafting safety zone.

Make a Unique Project

You are not restricted to making photo albums – the blank books can be used in many different ways. Add fabric collage to create an art journal, felt, bead and Velcro to make a kids activity book, or use one as a sampler book to practice different stiches or organise fabrics or threads.

In fact, perhaps the greatest thing about the Stitchbooks is that they are open to your interpretation. Use them for whatever your next project is, whatever your skill level, whatever technique you want to use, and there will be a book to match your design.

Show your Snaps

Preserve and celebrate treasured personal photographs by transferring them to fabric, and sewing them into your Stitchbooks.

Great Gifts

Stitchbooks make perfect gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries or events. Celebrate your relationships , family and friendships in stitch,

Anything Goes

Use your favourite techniques from applique and embroidery to lace making, beading or cross stitch.

Get Started:

Things you need to start Stitchbooking:

  1. Blank fabric Stitchbook - many sizes to choose from.
  2. Photo transfer paper.
  3. Fabric scraps, ribbon and buttons. 
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Mini Cotton Stitchbook

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Photo Transfer Kit

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Landscape Stitchbook

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