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My secret weapon for amazing hand writen embroidered lettering

Hand embroidery is great for adding short lines of text to your pages and adds a personal touch. I love the texture of it and works great when paired with another text technique like applique or stamping.

My secret weapon is this Sewline Duo erase pen which is amazing for writing on fabric. There are two pens in the set, a pen that draws a crisp, precise brown line, and a marker with erasing fluid that removes the first pen lines after you have completed your embroidery.


If you don’t have one of these Duo pens, you can also use any water-soluble or air-erase pen (which are available at most craft shops) and follow the pack instructions to remove.

Here is the process I used to create a section of hand written embroidered lettering for a recent page in my Summer 2020 Stitchbook.


1. Use your removable pen (the pink Duo one) to write out your text onto your background fabric. You can use a ruler to draw guidelines to help you get it straight if you need to, but most of the time I like to embrace the natural wobbliness of hand writing.

2. Thread a needle with 1 or 2 strands of embroidery thread. How many use need will depend on how big your lettering is. The more strands of thread the chunkier your lettering will be. This writing is very small so I have just used 1 strand of black thread.


3. Use a back stitch to sew the lettering, following along your drawn lines. Use small stitches around the curves to get smooth lines, and longer stitches for any straight lines.

embroidery eraser

4.When your embroidery is complete remove the pen with your eraser (the white Duo one). With this pen you have to push it into the the threads a little to remove it all - especially if you have used a light colour thread.

embroidery finished

Then you should be left with embroidered text of your handwriting. This is such a simple method and when you get used to doing the small backstitches can be completed quite quickly.

Here are a few more examples of where I have used it: 

embroidery names

A list of names on a photograph of a large family gathering

tiny embroidery

This is a very close up image of some lettering on a recent journal page.



Here I have hand embroidered text around in a circle, following lines created by quilted circles. 

I hope that you can see how easy it is to add embroidered text to your Stitchbooks, and there is loads of ways to personalise and alter your stitching to make it look different on different pages. Experiment with the size of your lettering, the thickness of your embroidery thread, stitching onto different surfaces or using capital letters instead of a flowing script. 

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