Introducing Stitchbook Supplies

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Introducing Stitchbook Supplies

Introducing Stitchbook Supplies 

Find out more about this new product line, designed to help you make beautiful Stitchbook pages with ease. 

You might have noticed a new product category in my shop – Stitchbook Supplies.
This is an exciting new line for me, one I’ve been dreaming of making for a couple of years, and thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown I’ve actually had the time to finally get it together.

The range will feature supplies to easily decorate your blank Stitchbooks, like these sew-on felt patches with super bright vinyl detail and single rainbow badge from the summer badge set.

super brights examples

Single badge

The inspiration for these products are all of the beautiful embellishments out there designed for paper scrapbooking. I love using these in my fabric books, but there is a limited amount that are suitable. My hope is to be able to make or source a wide range of embellishments, materials and equipment that will be perfect for textile art books and help you design beautiful Stitchbook pages, and the best bit is that most of them will also be perfect for paper scrapbooking too. 

I also want to extend the range to include suitable products from other indie makers, things that I love using and would be a great addition to any Stitchbook project. I’m currently on the hunt for indie businesses that have suitable products, if you have any in mind or own one yourself drop me a comment.

The first couple of products available are Sew-on Felt Patches and Pin Badge Sets, both in various designs.

stitchbook supplies

Below you can see an example of how I’ve used the patches and badges on a Stitchbook page about my favourite ice cream. The patches ("you are my fave" and the heart) have been stitched around the edge to secure them and the badge simply pinned on.


I hope you can see the possibilities in this line and are as excited about it as I am!

Check the products out in the shop and let me know in the comments if there are any specific designs or themes you’d be interested in me adding. 


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